How We Work

Elevens Global understand that each business, and each client, is different and we recommend an initial consultation to help us determine the best solution to your business needs.
Generally, we work on a minimum of a four step process to Audit, Target, Action and Review, but this is very much based on the stage the client is at in their business growth cycle.
Our primary goal is to help our clients meet their objectives by identifying their vision, mission and strategy development, leading to effective strategic implementation. We can also signpost clients to specialist advice where needed.


Strategic Management Services

 Our Strategic Management Services are carefully devised to help you with the implementation and management of your strategy at an operational level.
We've created an amazing operational team who can assist with the various stages of your business and the day to day operations that aren't unique to you. That means you can concentrate on the bits that you need to, the bits you love and the bits you are great at - the reasons you started or went into your business in the first place.
We can provide one off packages or ongoing support.
What we're not
We want to be clear here... 11//11 are not Virtual Assistants or Coaches.
Whilst we have a lot of experience and expertise between us we know it's when we use the collective skills of the team that the magic happens!
Both Heidi and Karen are businesswomen, they have set up and continue to run their own successful companies and they know the value of getting things done.
Want to know more?
Use the link below to apply for a free initial 30 minute consultation.