Normally the clients we work with are in the following positions:

1) People who are new to business and want to rapidly increase their personal and business income. These people want to pay themselves a salary ASAP!

2) People who are struggling to scale their business, reach new audiences and who want to create consistent passive income.

3) People who want to raise private funding for their business and find investors. I work with both service and product based businesses.

If you choose to cancel before our first session then yes. However after this no, as soon as you invest in the programme, we have invested in you and we clear the decks, refuse any other commercial opportunities and dedicate time to you and your business. We’re both protected by a legal contract so your investment in us is safe.

Every session is different as every client is different. It all stems from what you want to achieve which is what we dive deep into in our initial strategy session and welcome pack. We then work to an agreed timeline on everything from your business financials to your website. Sessions will always start with us catching up on any challenges you’ve faced since our last session and what you would like to get out of the current session. One week we might be screen sharing as we work through your marketing plan, the next week we might be using NLP coaching techniques to break through your mindset blocks. It’s not just what we work on the sessions that’s critical to your success, it’s also what you do in between them. Therefore it’s my job to keep you accountable and on track to achieving your growth goals.