About Us

Elevens Global (or Elevens as we’re known) is positioned as a boutique agency with a difference.  We are an exclusive strategic consultancy offering the delivery of integrated mentoring programs and business management solutions.   

Co-Founders, Heidi Martin & Karen Whybro, created Elevens to fill a genuine niche in the market to empower business owners, stakeholders and company directors to build credible business propositions and purposeful business strategies.

Our business and associated partners have acquired expertise in numerous business disciplines in order to bring a truly rounded portfolio of commercial solutions with our personal touch distinction.

Elevens, Go Further, Be Better, Control More...


 Our Mission

“Delivering clarity, purpose and creative leadership to global organisations seeking a truly integrated approach to business consulting”  

At Elevens, we are here to bring value back to consulting. 

Since 2008, business consultants have been increasingly under the spotlight. The vulnerability within the commercial landscape has meant many consultants have found their value scrutinised, or worse still, devalued.  The last few years have seen an increase in mentors and business coaches, many of which tend to avoid the ‘consultant’ name tag.  At Elevens, we avoid fashionable titles and keep it simple – to consult is to connect.

Exclusivity and the personal touch is our Modus Operandum.  Business is about people, so we always ensure we connect with business owners, stakeholders and directors to build and deliver cohesive business outcomes.


 Our Values & Personalities


At Elevens we hold a collection of core values that empower our culture and our behaviour. Our values are the result of the collaborative effect drawn from our staff and associated partners.