The Rise of the Underdog // Part I

Posted on November 03 2017

The Rise of the Underdog // Part I
A Time for Change
We're so pleased to have launched our new site celebrating all things indie business. We firmly believe in the value indie businesses offer and for that reason we are championing a movement to help them rise from being seen as anything less than brilliant.
Did you know that over 99% of UK businesses are SMEs & are considered the backbone of the economy. Shame the government don't appreciate those figures & help us out a bit more! On the flip side, a disappointing 55% of SMEs don't survive past the first 5 years. Why? We all know how hard it is running a business. The pressures of competition, cashflow, access to training & funding & ridiculous red tape & taxation don't help matters. So, what makes a business successful & sees it surviving in the not-so-hopeful economy?
The answer is YOU. You have the power to choose if your business works & that means having the confidence & belief in yourself, as well as your idea. What you do MATTERS.
Indie businesses are thriving right now. You only have to look at certain sectors such as childrenswear where people are LOVING the small, independent designers creating beautiful clothing, accessories & interiors. And the bridal industry is a booming market for female entrepreneurs who make up around 20% of SMEs in the UK. The underdog is on the rise & we're hopeful that Brexit could actually HELP in this respect.
UK manufacturing NEEDS to have a resurgence. This will be a long road - from improvements in training, skills, resources & help from the government as well as EDUCATING the general public about why buying from small, indie businesses is better for the economy, the environment AND the customer. But, maybe, just maybe, the uncertainty of leaving the EU will put us on the right road to bring production back. And this is where YOU come in.
Whatever your sector, your business, your idea - don't be afraid to be the underdog. Being niche & personal gives you the room to stand out. People LOVE a story - they LOVE connecting & they LOVE feeling like they're getting added value with their purchases. If we can continue to educate people on how they are helping others through helping themselves, they will get behind it too. So, let's start a story...
We'd LOVE to hear about your businesses. However small, big, busy, niche, creative you are - let us know!! More than anything, we're just super nosey & love meeting new people. We're not here to judge - we're here to help. We know the daily struggle & we want to make that easier for you. So share away! We're all ears!