How can I get more traffic to my website?

Posted on April 03 2018

How can I get more traffic to my website?

You know the story. You've spent (potentially) thousands of pounds on having your website designed or thousands of hours working out how to build one yourself & it's live! Woohoo! And...tumbleweed. You constantly hit refresh, waiting for millions of people to drool over your masterpiece & clambering to book your service or buy your product. And, yet, the traffic doesn't come. So, what now?


how can I get more traffic to my website?

Many people make the mistake of building a website, opening a shop or starting a blog & just expecting those customers to come flocking. In reality, this just doesn't happen. Given the competition out there for small businesses selling online, everyone trying to be a social media influencer & the big boys spending staggering amounts on huge marketing budgets, how on earth can you get your website found in the fast-moving world of digital marketing?


Well, let us tell you, it's nothing that's going to happen overnight. But, here are our top tips to getting your website found online from our tried & tested strategies that WORK!


1) Create a buzz! Before you even think about clicking "Publish" on that website or blog post, get people excited about it! Do a countdown, sneak peeks, limited giveaways or competitions to get people excited about your launch date. Social media is amazing for this - it's FREE & you can get such a good following through an online community before you are even ready to take your first booking or sale.


2) Do your SEO homework! Many web developers will focus on the design, layout & format of your website but won't do the SEO background for you first. They don't know your business & your industry as well as you do, so make sure you are using content that is keyword rich, images that are titled with relevant search terms & your page headings are going to get you found! (PS. we can help with this if you need some direction & the phrase SEO scares you witless!)


3) LINK IN BIO!! ALWAYS direct your social media followers to your website &, specifically, to where you want them to go! Instagram is the most engaged platform for visitors to your website so if you're not asking people to head to your website, using your swipe up feature on stories (for those of you with 10k followers) or even using a business account, get this done NOW!


4) Blog, blog & blog again! Blogging is KEY to improving your Google ranking! Don't feel like you need to write a full length feature every week - a "top ten" or "how to" feature is really popular with audiences and also helps with asserting your position as an expert in your field too! It allows your customer to feel like they are connecting with you & will only help with sales!


5) Lastly, don't forget to blow your own trumpet! So many people somehow either forget (or don't feel they should) to shout about themselves enough. But, remember, if you don't, nobody will do it for you! Tell people how great your service or product is, ask others to share & make sure you are ALWAYS directing people to the parts of your website they need to click through to in order to book or buy! Customers are, by nature, lazy & need things clear & easy to use. Make things clear, simple & EASY by providing links where you can & always directing people to your best work.

get my website found

If your website could do with a makeover, SEO audit or some new content, get in touch! We can help you use Google Analytics effectively, update your images, pages titles & content to improve your ranking, refresh your site or help with regular blog postings to boost your SEO! With packages for every industry & budget, our amazing team have the relevant expertise & experience to promote your site & make it stand out to the right customers!

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