Can't afford a business mentor? Think again!

Posted on May 10 2018

Can't afford a business mentor? Think again!

Well, this lovely weather has definitely been making our lives a whole lot sunnier over the last week! We've loved getting outside, recharging with some rays to recharge. After a lovely long weekend, we were rarely to go, especially as it was week one of our first every online mentoring programme! 

group business mentoring Essex

Here at Elevens, we'd been wracking our brains to help more people with mentoring, making it more affordable and accessible than starting a full on 1-2-1 session with us. It took some time, but a brainwave a few weeks ago meant we finally had a breakthrough! We realised that we could help more people if we ran group sessions with online tasks & resources alongside peer support blended with weekly calls to keep members on track! Genius, right?

The bad news is that after we announced the group on social media, it sold out OVERNIGHT! We wanted to keep it exclusive enough to help people get as much out of it as we could &, therefore, we limited numbers to 11. And, of course, everybody wanted to take advantage of the offer as it was such an incredible deal!

Luckily enough for those who missed out, is that we have decided to make it a monthly affair! Every month, you will have the opportunity to join our Mentoring Scholarship Programme which gets you an INCREDIBLE amount of support & resources for an extremely affordable price of just £99!

Want to know what's included? You will NOT want to miss this!

🎉 4 x 30 minute mentoring calls
🎉 Four weekly themes, tasks & resources to create a personalised 30-day action plan
🎉 Support of 10 other business owners in a FB group

That’s a MINIMUM of £1500 worth of mentoring & resources for an incredible £99!

For June, we're being extra good to you & opening 22 spaces!! There will be two groups, one managed by each of us for maximum support that will help you every step of the way with the tasks & plans!


June's group will open on the 22nd May & our newsletter subscribers will get the link FIRST!

Don't miss out! We expect these spaces to sell out as quickly as last time so make you have SIGNED UP to get the link before anyone else!