A change of direction for Elevens...

Posted on April 23 2018

A change of direction for Elevens...

Hey, it's Monday & the sun is kinda still shining (but let's face it, we just weren't prepared for that amazing weather this weekend so I'm, for one, quite happy that we seem to be back to Spring for now!)

We've got a super busy week ahead here at Elevens. We've got meetings, consultations, speaking events & more lined up & we can't wait to get stuck in to helping more amazing business owners grow their business & become more efficient with both their money & time! That's what we're all about here - getting RESULTS for our managed clients & focussing on helping brands grow & shine!

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So, today, we have a small but exciting announcement that sees a change in direction for Elevens...

From today, we've decided to stop running workshops here at the mill. 

We've had a great time teaching business owners how to use social media more effectively, how to create an awesome marketing plan & more but we've also learnt a LOT along the way & we'd like to share with you why we've decided to make this change in our business.

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Workshops are fun to attend & fun to teach BUT what we've actually found is that our attendees are getting overwhelmed because a workshop often highlights how much MORE there is to do or adds to that ever-growing to-do list! The last thing we want is for people to feel like we've given them MORE to do rather than helped them with their day to day workload.

Therefore, we've made the decision to focus on our managed clients, mentoring & consultancy to work with more people who are in the growth stage of their business as this seems to be where we are really connecting with clients & finding our niche.

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BUT! This doesn't mean we've stopped supporting those of you who want to learn these skills for yourself or are at the early stages of business & are doing the main bulk of your digital marketing yourselves. In fact, we're SO excited to be launching the Indie Business Club VERY SOON which will be all of you who want a great place to learn, connect & grow together, with an online & physical community! Sound good? Keep a look out for our updates on this! 

We also have our monthly Elevens Collective Mastermind groups for those of you who have a great plan but are looking for accountability & peer support. These sessions are great for focussing business owners back onto their next steps, sharing ideas & learning from other amazing attendees & holding each other to account. Our next Mastermind is being announced shortly & can be booked on the website HERE

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Also, if you're still looking to brush up your skills on social media, digital marketing & other business ops, then never fear! Soon, we're launching our online courses which will be designed for business owners who want to learn at their own pace & have the ongoing support of a Facebook group to keep on track & ask questions.

For now, why not have a look at our updated website which lists everything we can offer on our managed services side of the business. We're still very much dedicated to delivering RESULTS for our clients on all aspects of digital marketing & web design to give amazing service & get their businesses noticed by the right clients to create a more efficient & profitable return. We believe EVERYONE can afford to outsource - it's just about finding the best people to understand & manage your needs while you focus on higher level tasks.

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Not sure outsourcing is for you? Let's chat! We're passionate about taking the everyday tasks off your hands so that you can focus on growing your business rather than just running it. Don't forget, we offer FREE consultations to assess what your needs are & how we can help you! 

 Drop us an email on karen@elevensglobal.com or book your FREE consultation